Team Moplet


Team Moplet is a company formed in 2007 for Research and Development of communication Tools for SMS and Voice over cloud platform. Organization has proof record of more than 1000+ satisfied Enterprise clients through out India and abroad and successful execution track of ten years with positively moved growth graph. View full text Team built with talents to provide best in class service and service support to clients with solutions developed on leading technologies. Team members are committed to their responsibilities, works as per requirements and not bound to time. Hide

It's Easy

MOPLET SMS is very easy to use. There is a simple reason for this: it was designed by end users rather than technical boffins. This means our customers can be in control of their own broadcasts without requiring a much technical knowledge. Your account manager will walk you through your first broadcast so you are aware of all the fantastic features.

No Contracts

We don't tie you into any contracts! We are so sure you’ll love MOPLET, we don’t need to trap you in a web of legal jargon to keep you. If you ever want to leave us you can do so, hassle free! You will only ever pay for what you use.

Delivery Reports

We provides our customers with several KPIs to measure the success of each sent message. Analysis of this invaluable real time information is essential for designing future campaigns, and making them even more effective.

Adaptive Routing

Moplet allows you to make an informed, intelligent and real time decision on determining the channel and route for messaging. Our inimitable algorithm does all the math about time and ensures sure-shot delivery.

Simple API

Built for developers by developers. A few lines of code and it is done. And since our in-house team of talented developers has designed our ever-evolving API, you can always speak to one of them to give you a helping hand

Traffic Analyzer

Monitor and understand your broadcast message traffic through a cost effective and interactive web-based interface with pre-sorted reports and handle your promotions intuitively by keeping a calculative watch on your communication density.

Our Platform Offers

Direct Connectivities in Middle East, Africa, APAC ,Europe and India subcontinent, Easy integration via SS7, HTTP, SMPP or XML protocols, High Availability with SPAM Control, Comprehensive analytics and real time reports.

Personal account manager

We think of your business and how you can use our services to make your business better, we offer you an account manager who will be available for you and accommodate you quaries .

Customer Support

What truly sets MOPLET apart from our competitors is our unparalleled focus on customer service.We offer a FREE managed service to our customers.

Security & Compliance

Our platform's end-to-end secure communications is driven by highly robust and secure protocols adhering to latest industry standards

Global Coverage

Connect with users in 200+ countries and 1000+ networks via scalable and reliable messaging service

Unmatched Reliability

Our uptimes are one of the best in the industry, We include and monitor not just our servcie uptime but also operator uptimes, for ensuring timely delivery. 

Our Services

For business people, who care their customers, have requirement to keep in touch in minimum cost. Outgoing SMS is one of cheapest modes of communication.

Do you want to greet your entire customers with your voice? Do you want to collect information from your customers by interaction over voice? We have Voice calls service.

Customized Solutions
Customized Products are aimed to increase reach of our service to the convenience of users. We design products based on studies conducted on feedbacks and researches on user needs..


Corporate Clients