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Toll Free System

Give your Customers the Ease to Reach you at NO COST with a Toll Free Number.

Toll Free System

Toll Free is the number that comes on the 1800-xxx series, which can be configured on the web and is combined with a powerful and professional IVR. Our Toll Free Solution is more economical than a regular toll free and gives you exciting features like call recording and support for after office hours call handling.

We also offer USA Toll Free Numbers and UK Toll Free Numbers. Rank your business globally by reaching global customers. Toll Free Forwarding features allows the callers to reach exactly where they wanted to be either globally connected or domestically connected. Get UK and US Toll Free Numbers today starting with “0500”, “0808”, and “0800”. Get started with us..


amazing features and functions

Professional Image find out more

When Customers call the Toll Free Number, they are greeted by a professionally recorded IVR which routes the calls depending upon the keys pressed by the customer and configuration made by you.

Call Logs & Call Recording find out more

All the call logs are maintained on the website. Additionally the calls can be recorded also. The recordings can also be downloaded from the website.

Call Routing & Mapping find out more

Route your calls to target audience and map the approach to develop an efficient marketing strategy to ensure more conversions

Pick your VIP Number find out more

You can select a Number which is perfect for your Organization.

Real-time Analytics find out more

Every time a customer calls you, it’s either an opportunity to serve the customer so well that he keeps coming back. If it is a prospect call, then it is an opportunity to convert him paying customers. However, in the real world this does not happen.

Sticky Agent find out more

Sticky Agent feature tries to connect to the same agent next time you call to the system by lookuping caller ID from which you are calling from

Blacklisting find out more

Filter callers to reach the right target audience

Customer Delight find out more

Toll Free number provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business. The charges for using a Toll Free number are paid by you instead of your potential customers. The number can be called by fixed line and mobile subscribers of any service providers in India.

Never Lose a Lead find out more

When you marketing campaigns in SMS, Print or Radio there is a surge of callbacks / inquiries in a short span of advertisement going live. The regular phone number cannot handle more than two calls (1 live and other waiting) at the same time. Our Toll Free System can handle up to 100 parallel callers.

24/7 Available find out more

Receptionist works 8 hours a day but the leads from your SMS, Print and Radio campaigns come throughout the day. With receptionist the leads after office hours are lost but not with Super Toll free Number because every lead is logged.

Emails & SMS Notifications find out more

Enable your customers to stay updated regarding the lead genration, Who called you via e-mails and SMS notifications round the clock!

CRM Integration find out more

Accelerate seamless integration with your CRM