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Voice Messaging

Your message, Your Voice. Move your Voice communications to the cloud

Voice Calls

Enhance how you communicate using Moplet Voice. With our Voice messaging solution, you can broadcast your message through a voice call directly to your customer’s mobile or landline phone.There are two simple options to for you to choose from, either sending a pre-recorded audio file to your customer or sending a message using the Text-To-Speech (TTS) option which converts your written text into spoken voice in your language of choice.

Using Moplet Voice, it has never been easier to engage your audience. Enhance your customer experience with our Voice API. Our Voice platform allows you to send Voice messages to your customers quickly and easily via powerful Cloud based Voice Platform The following are the features

  1. Highly configurable delivery options via the phone. 

  2. Dynamically handle redials of busy signals and non-answering numbers. 

  3. The ability to deliver and report on live or machine answered numbers. 

  4. Retries are made as per the instructions provided at the time of placing 
the order 

  5. Future Scheduling can be done as per customer choice


amazing features and functions

DNC Scrubber find out more

Scrubs against Federal or in-house Do-Not-Call lists

Remote Access find out more

Remote Access to application from any computer

Multiple Campaign Capabilities find out more

Supports multiple campaigns such as campaign specific agents and max used channels/lines

Automatic Campaign Resume find out more

Automatically resumes unfinished campaign next day

Integration find out more

Fully Integrated with MOPLET IVR Studio to support multi-level questions and answers survey.

Touch Tone Key Responses find out more

Programmable touch-tone key responses for user-specified actions

Press Key To Transfer find out more

Recipient can press a key to be transferred to a live agent or to leave a voice message

Remote Deployment find out more

Remote deployment for IVR applications

Automatic retry find out more

Automatic retries for busy line or unanswered calls

Efficiency With Lines find out more

Automatically direct line usage for maximum control

Built-In Call Schedule find out more

Built-in call scheduler to schedule calls in advance, recurring calls, no-call hours and more

Summary and Reports find out more

Automatically display and generate real-time agent summary and reports