Team Moplet

Automobile Industry

Company to Dealers

The Automobile industry is setting new trends in terms of design, space, technology and innovation. At the crux of this development is the dealer, the touch point between the manufacturer and customer. Dealerships today are re-inventing themselves as the number of brands has been multiplying, and the ranges of products are growing.

Inform of new products being launched, changes in pricing and specifications, material shipped, Update dealers with changes in commissions etc, Time table alteration in organization, Change in service delivery charges

Dealer to customers

An Auto Dealership is no more just a point of purchase; it’s much more than that. With ‘busy’ being the buzz word of the customers, building relationships, offering new experiences, and adding value is a challenge in itself for dealers today. With Enterprise Messaging Services, alerts, announcements, awareness, reminders, information about offers, discounts and all types of communication is easily accessible.

Inform of service due dates, Inform when service completed and vehicle ready, Inform new discounts and special offers, Update customers with new product launches, SMS invitations to product launches, Reminding customer of critical dates, Delivery status of vehicles, optimized approach to solve customer relation issues and retain their satisfaction, Service status of the vehicles with charges, seasonal offers