Team Moplet

Schools and Nurseries

We know things can go wrong at Schools and Nurseries and for whatever reason they sometimes have to shut. For example if there is heavy snow, or a water leak or maybe the electricity is down. These are all simple reasons in which a School would have to shut. So you need a quick and effective way to let all the parents know.

The best way to do this is to use an SMS portal. This way you can send a text message to every single parent in the school, this is a much more effective way than emailing, posting on a website or ringing the parent. Neither of these are certain, yet using SMS the chances are they will open the message and read it. You could also use SMS to let parents Change in Examination/Assignments schedules or their results, Notification of Parent Teacher meeting, Reminding of critical dates like exams, fee payment etc, performance status of student, Informing informed absence of ward, Miss behavior, Timetable change in the institution for staff, Attendance status, Performance in exams, Academic activities, Contact details of faculty